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Andersen Pacific Forest Products—Unsurpassed Quality

At Andersen Pacific we believe in extracting the maximum value and recovery from log to lumber. Our products are available in Hemlock, Spruce, Douglas Fir, Yellow and Red Western Cedar lumber.

Over the past two decades, Andersen Pacific has been producing the highest-quality vertical-grain and specialty lumber products ranging from construction timbers to Asian temple components.

Our precision lumber milling capabilities allow APFP to consistently deliver high-quality lumber while maintaining the ability to process highly specialized and detailed orders.
Andersen Pacific Forest Products’ affiliation to its parent company, Canadian Overseas Group, ensures unsurpassed log quality and delivery and enables our mill to offer consistent lumber texture and quality. We believe it all starts from selecting the correct log for the intended product.

Recent acquisitions of a tree farm license based on Vancouver Island, combined with a sawmill in Maple Ridge, allow us to access and manufacture the Pacific Northwest’s finest timber.