What We Do

Andersen Pacific Forest Products— Precision cuts. Quality products. Customer focus.

A distinctly agile, high-value sawmill, we consistently deliver the highest quality Hemlock, Spruce, Douglas Fir, Yellow and Western Cedar lumber on the market.

Andersen Pacific offers specialized grades, high-quality packaging, consistent lumber quality and on-time deliveries—that’s what makes APFP successful.

The Andersen Pacific mill has been custom-designed to suit the production, care and handling of high-value specialty products.

Our specialized sawmill allows Andersen Pacific the capability to meet each client’s individual requirements, and accommodate custom cuts and orders.

Fiber to Finish

A member of the Canadian Overseas Group of companies, Andersen Pacific is well-placed, well-established and able to maintain a consistent, high-quality product.
This close association ensures the highest level of quality control at all points, from the tree to the finished product.

Specialty Sizing

APFP is happy to accommodate special requests. Our custom sawmill is highly adaptable, enabling us to service smaller lumber lots and deliver more frequently.
We invite you to discuss your requirements with our sales team—and will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

Custom Timbers

We are capable of creating specialty log sorts designed to meet our client’s individual requirements. We can ship timbers and cants up to 12 metres long.


Our mill has been custom-designed for the production, care and handling of high-value specialty products.

Plastic chain throughout the mill, soft dogs and an educated work force enable APFP to provide a stain-free product to the market, in accordance with our mill philosophy of minimizing fiber waste and maximizing lumber quality. We use thin kerf saws and have precise end trimming, size controls of less than 1mm variation, and accurate grading.


  • Hi-grade sawmill
  • 7’ headrig
  • Two 5’ pony band mill rigs
  • 1 fixed gang saw
  • 1 shifting edger
  • 1 re-saw
  • Timber deck accommodating up 40’ timbers
  • Flexible sawing styles: conventional North American, or quarter sawing for maximum vertical grain recovery
  • Inside-out sawing—sawyer sees the worst face before deciding next saw line, allowing for maximum clear recovery
  • Merchandizing of logs on paved sawmill yard prior to sawing
  • Capability to blend logs of various grades at mill in feed
  • Potential of a variety of species—Yellow Cedar, Spruce, Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Balsam
  • Equipment operators with “hands-on, close-in” viewing
  • In-house saw filing with stellite on all band saws and carbide tips on all circular saws
  • Customer access to key operators and lumber graders
  • Timbers and cants to 12-metre lengths
  • Full crew briefings each shift; focus on customer needs
  • Special customer sorts and grades accommodated
  • Specialized lumber and cant tallying and packaging
  • Comprehensive product protection includes anti-stain treatment, wax end seal, plastic strap, certified attached dunnage and full paper wrap