Wood—the sustainable building material

At Andersen Pacific we understand that we must act as responsible stewards of our industry and guardians of our resources. We believe that through a commitment to sustainable industry practices we can safeguard our forests and sustain our renewable resources for future generations.


At Andersen Pacific we work with the world’s most sustainable building material—wood. We are committed to environmentally sustainable forest industry practices, and Chain of Custody certified from the forest to the customer. All our timber is harvested and managed in accordance with the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act.

“When it comes to building materials, wood is the only material that is renewable. Steel, concrete, plastic, and aluminum are all non-renewable resources; and in particular require a lot more energy and emit a lot more greenhouse gasses in their manufacturing. So far as an environmentally friendly building product, wood is the clear leader.” — Patrick Moore, Co-founder of Greenpeace and Forest Ecologist.

The Chain Of Custody (COC) Standard

Provides transparency and traceability of products from the forest to the customer and ensures that all production comes from well-managed forests and non-controversial sources.

Community Forest Management

Owner Charlie Andersen currently holds a tree farm license over a 50,000-hectare plot of public forest land on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Granted by the Province of British Columbia, the TFL enables Mr. Andersen to work closely with local First Nations groups to harvest, manage and market the region’s timber supply. The Canadian Overseas Group is also actively involved with the University of British Columbia, Municipality of Mission and Municipality of Sechelt in marketing and managing private and public forest lands.